The crew that makes Ad-Lib the best creative marketing platform.

Oliver Marlow Thomas

Founder & CEO

Oli Marlow-Thomas, previously the Creative Lead at DoubleClick/Google for five years; he is an industry expert, tech boffin, shortlisted as “One To Watch” in an industry Tech Awards; and the star of the First Dates Valentine’s Day special.

Rupert Privett

Head of APAC

Media veteran, previously a founding member of Media agency Essence, where he built and lead the media trading and planning practices before relocating to Singapore to setup and run the APAC business.

Oliver Hymas

Head of MEA

Hired into the Middle Eastern market to open the Dubai office and run operations for MENA. Oliver previously worked at Microsoft and then moved to their global financial services partner VeriPark. A Somerset boy through and through, Oliver can usually be found enjoying a drink of cider or doing something outdoors with friends and family.

Ed Lyon

Product Director

Spent 7 years in programmatic media and analytics, both agency side at Essence, working with clients like Google, HP and Universal Pictures, and during a brief stint at SSP StickyAds (now Freewheel). He was selected as one of MediaWeek’s 30 under 30 in 2016, a fact about which he apparently never shuts up.

Lasma Ilzina

Head of Strategy

Lasma joined Ad-Lib in 2018. She was previously a programmatic team leader at Merkle|Periscopix, where she led campaigns across the Doubleclick stack and Amazon Advertising platform for brands such as Warner Bros, Tesco and Estee Lauder. While she likes to think herself greenfingered, she has yet to nurse a houseplant beyond its first birthday.

Janne Smith

Head of Sales

Our Scandinavian recruit with five years experience from Google where she worked across Google’s Marketing Platform for the Nordic markets, on global clients like SAS, Telia, and TUI.

Harry Melsom

Product Lead FB

Spent the last 7 years working at facebook, Pinterest and most recently Google in the ZOO. He’s interested in being able to quantify the impact of creative levers on ad performance. He’s our man for social. Captains the village cricket team.

Claire Ongley

Account Lead

Ad-Lib’s first employee, Claire, is fascinated in bridging the gap between creative and technical which in turn reflects the Ad-Lib vision and its unique position within the industry. Having spent nine years training to be an artist, for Claire, it’s crucial that the creative not only looks good but that it’s relevant and in the right place too. Claire continues to sell her artwork on the Kings Road, Chelsea and when she doesn’t have a paintbrush in hand, you’ll find her somewhere in the outdoors.

Allan Arthur

Account Lead

Having spent 7 years differentiating in the classroom, Allan jumped at the chance to differentiate in advertising. An Ad-Lib original, he joined Ad-Lib at the start in Autumn 2017 and leads the relationships with many of our oldest clients. He travels everywhere by bike and will be arriving sodden to a meeting with you soon.

Douglas Budge

Customer Success

Proud first graduate at Ad-Lib and working on both the account management and analytics sides of the business. Still only know the tube lines by colour, rather than name.

Sive Kelly

Customer Success​

One of Ad-Lib’s new recruits, Sive has a background in Project Management in the education and charity sectors but has chosen to explore a career in the media sector and now holds the title of Account Manager, focusing on building campaigns and maintaining client relationships. Along the way, she has learnt the ropes in business finance and operations.

Doireann Marron

Customer Success​​

A key member of Ad-Lib’s Irish Mafia, Doireann is more often found organising drinks than crime. Trained Graphic designer, she worked across the FMCG and Finance sector in digital and print design before pursuing a career in media. She brings her design background to all projects.


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