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The Ad-Lib PRO Suite, consisting of Production, Relevance and Optimization modules, finally brings creative and media workflows and teams together in a single platform, whether they be in-house content studios, media agencies or creative agencies. Unlike other solutions, Ad-Lib makes this easy and fast, requiring no complex implementations or new tagging.

Our modules allow quick refresh of creative while your campaigns are in-flight, giving advertisers unprecedented agility.

Keep reading to learn how our Production, Relevance and Optimisation modules deliver more effective creative!
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Ad-Lib Production uses AI and collaboration tools to improve creative production efficiency by turning creative concepts into dynamic, re-usable templates across display, video and social formats.

Our technology is built to support your end-to-end process, deliver more effective creative, and has been shown to reduce costs up to 60% compared to traditional creative production.


Simplify complex workflows





Create brand consistent content for each channel at lower cost


Approve, collaborate & edit, truly on the fly

How does automation impact the production process?

Technological innovations are driving massive increases in digital creative and media spending. But can your organization actually deliver the increased reach and returns that digital advertising promises?

In this whitepaper, find out what makes each aspect of digital production so much more complex and costly than traditional advertising, and where the industry is heading with automation.
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Ad-Lib Relevance enables brands to personalize their creative at scale. Directly integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Google Campaign Manager and Studio, we offer the only zero-data-leakage dynamic creative solution.

By marrying creative templates with first and third party audience data and the full range of data triggers available in your DSP Ad-Lib enables simple, but powerful relevance, all without fingerprinting or placing cookies.


Enable brand control with local personalization


Localise and transcreate effortlessly



Target and personalize creative at scale

CRM Data
Site Analytics
Third Party Data


Ad-Lib Optimize helps advertisers improve the quality of their creative. By applying machine learning algorithms to tag and score images and video, advertisers can gain insights into what creative is likely to perform pre-flight. In addition, creative testing helps bring predictability and consistency to creative performance, and more importantly, ads that delight the consumer!


Continuously test and learn with creative reporting


Activate quickly with no human error using Auto Trafficking

Automatically traffic creative from Ad-Lib through to your ad server or social platform at the click of a button.
Remove opportunity for human error. Reduce time to activate by getting around lengthy trafficking SLAs.


Direct deployment into buying tools
Full QA tool to review and comment on assets
Automated trafficking and Ad-build


Optimize creative performance with AI image recognition and tagging


Our global team of experts provides 24/7 support to help support your Ad-Lib campaigns. Ad-Lib supports usage of the platform on a self-service basis or via a white-gloved service where we can operate the platform on behalf of your teams.

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