- 20.07.19

How Ad-Libs creative automation increased media efficiency for Nestle


Harry Melsom Product Lead Facebook.

Creative Automation Drives 28-40% Increased media Efficiency for Nestlé

The Challenge: Nestle knew that creating personalised customer experiences for Bakers they would generate better brand lift, conversion impact and reduce fatigue. But while creating personalised ads across display and social was all very well in theory, actually delivering these personalized Customer Experiences was time consuming and difficult. 

The Solution: Ad-Lib worked with Zenith to identify the media signals around which they could build a personalisation strategy. 3 variable elements were selected. These were:

  • Breed
  • User Reviews
  • City

Each of these elements was cycled into the campaign against a test and learn plan which increased distribution of high performing combinations and de-selected those elements performing less well.

The Result:

  • 216 individual variants were produced
  • Nestlé saved 59% of projected production cost
  • 28-40% ROI on Media Spend
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