- 31.07.19

How Adidas used Ad-Lib’s platform and dynamic shell to enable local
markets to adjust centrally approved creative to better engage their audience.

Global to Local

Harry Melsom Product Lead Facebook.

Ad-Lib’s creative Audit Identifies and resolves inefficiencies of £3.8m spent on localisation.

Working in collaboration with Accenture and Google Ad-Lib identified the inefficiencies in Adidas’ Global Marketing’s efforts to localise digital creative.

The challenge: For Adidas was to find a way to maintain global visual consistency while achieving local relevance.

The solution: Ad-Lib coded the principles of “global Fix” with “local Flex” into their display banners and disseminate these creative shells as part of the asset toolkits to their local markets.

The result: By hard coding these shells Adidas saved 
  • Money and time localising centrally produced assets 
  • Significant time using a templated solution
  • Resolving inefficiencies of £3.8M spent on localisation